August Bank Holiday

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We will be open as normal Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday but closed on Bank Holiday Monday itself.

Enjoy the break!

The Tern GSD is back in stock and is something a bit special.

This bike can carry you, you kids, your shopping or even your tools for work! With the Bosch Active Line e-bike system, it is fun to ride even when loaded.

Who is the GSD is it for?

This bike has so many features it would work for lots of people.

Families – carries up to two children either in a child seat or on cushion. With a front carrier fitted you can even carry 2 kids and some shopping!

Trades people – need to carry tools? The GSD can carry lots of stuff in panniers or on a front carrier.

Delivery people – want to carry a bigger load than a standard bike but don’t want to pollute the neighborhood with a car or van? The Tern GSD may fit the bill.

Too big?

This bike has a big carrying capacity but isn’t much longer than a standard bike. It can also be stored on it’s end (upright) so need not take up too much space at home.

Call for a test ride!

Bank Holiday

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We will be open over the weekend as follows:

  • Saturday 9am – 5.30pm (Normal Hours)
  • Sunday 10am – 5pm (Normal Hours)
  • Monday 10am – 5pm
  • Tuesday 8am – 6.30pm (Normal Hours)

Here’s a short post.

Normal opening hours except Bank Holiday Monday when we are open 10 until 5.

Told you it was short.

We have our first Tern Vektron S10 folding e-bike in stock and available to test ride!

The Tern Vektron S10 is designed to fit tidily in the boot of a car, in a motorhome or on the train. It is also a great bike to ride! The telescopic seat post and adjustable handlebar means that the bike will fit most adults – tall or short!

Bosch Active Line

The Bosch Active Line electrical system adds power via the cranks – like your legs, it powers you via the chain. This is the most efficient way to drive the bike and gives a low centre of gravity.Widely considered as one of the best (possibly THE best) e-bike system, the Active Line system is reliable and well supported by dealers throughout the UK – including us!

The proof of the bike is in the riding!

We are open 7 days a week and you are welcome to test ride. You must be over 14 years old to ride an e-bike and will also need some form of id (we would like to make sure we get the bike back – it is rather nice!).

Campagnolo 12 speed

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We are pleased to say we have reserved one of the first Capagnolo 12 speed road group sets in the UK – would you like to buy it for your bike?

Campanolo (Campag) has been making bike components since the 1930s – they have always been at the cutting edge of technology AND style. The new 12 speed set up enables you to finely tune your ride to maximise your efficiency in the saddle.


Initially Campag are offering Record and Super Record option with a mechanical set up and rim brakes. More options will be available later in the year including disc brakes and electronic shifting.

We have a Record reserved available for fitting next month. Buy now (in advance) and we will give free fitting. The Record is available for £1,750 – usual discounts apply for Dulwich Paragon, London Cycle Campaign etc.

Read what the reviewers say here.


The Tern GSD is something special. An e-bike designed as a multi-purpose people and luggage carrier! A small utility e-bike.

The bike looks big and has a big carrying capacity – but it is not bulky – roughly the size as a standard hybrid due to clever design and smaller wheels.


Tern GSD Flexible friend!

The Tern GSD can be configured with various add-ons to carry babies, children or luggage.

We have the demo bike in for only a few days – please come and test ride and let your friends know we have the bike!

Read more here.

We will be:

  • Maundy Thursday Open 8.00am –  6.30pm
  • Good Friday Open 10.00am – 5.00pm
  • Easter Saturday Open 9.00am – 5.30pm
  • Closed on Easter Sunday
  • Bank Holiday Monday Open 10.00am – 5.00pm.

Always call to book workshop services – many mechanics taking a break over the weekend. Phone 0208 670 9767 to book.

We wish everyone a happy Easter.

Carradice Found

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We have more Carradice bags now in stock.

Made in Lancashire

I like this luggage which is made in Nelson in Lancashire. The business is small – and one of the nice things about the bags is that the person who makes the bag signs the label!

Carradice Found

We stock Carradice saddle bags, bar bags, and panniers other luggage. Pictured below is the Bike Bureau which is great for carrying laptops and papers.

Other bags are more suited for cycle touring.

More e-bikes in stock!

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We have always carried e-bikes – pedal bikes with small electric motor to help you on your way – but now we have many more e-bikes in stock.

A lot of people would like to cycle but are put off by hills or cannot face their relatively long distance commute – an ebike could be the answer. You still get exercise, but that extra help can get you going further or faster.

All of our bikes should get you to or from a job in Central London (assuming an 8 mile ride) – but we recommend something with a bigger battery if you are cycling daily (eg Raleigh Motus or Captus).

It is well worth riding a number of bikes to get the feel of different systems and frames. Some people prefer the cheaper bikes so it is worth trying at least two.

Lectro Bikes

We have some great Lectro bikes starting from £999 – well under the recommended retail price. These bikes are not as sophisticated as some, but work well and are fun to ride!

More e-bikes in stock LEctro

Raleigh bikes

We have lots of Raleigh e-bikes in stock including Stardas with the Shimano Steps system and Motus with Bosch Active Line. These bikes are great for riding in town or country for commuting, shopping or leisure.

At the top of the range we have the Mustang Comp Electric – drop bar bike with light frame and Shimano e-bike system.

Raleigh Mustang Comp Electric in stock

The Strada Elite adds a bit of colour to the range!

Other bikes in stock include the folding Stow-e-way.


Test rides available 7 days week

Bring some ID for a test ride – we are open every day. Sorry 14 and over only – under 18’s must be accompanied by someone over 19+

Raleigh bikes can also be bought via the Raleigh website – select delivery via Blue Door Bicycles.