Bike Insurance

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Bad things happen and bike insurance can help deal with the consequences.

Bikes get stolen and people have accidents- good bike insurance will provide assistance with the costs of bike replacement or repair. With Pedalsure, you can also get assistance with personal costs like physio and dental work.

You can buy insurance online here – buy it at this website and you will 10% off!

Policy features

  • up to 50% Multi-Bike Discount
  • Personal injury up to £150k
  • Competition use – Sportive as Standard
  • up to 60 days Overseas (includes air transit)
  • Dental Physio, Accessories

If checking out other insurers, make sure they offer what you want. We often get customers who find that their insurer has refused to pay out due to an issue with the lock for example. We also find customers dissatisfied that their insurer has made them get a bike from a shop miles away delivered by post and not really what they were after. Check your insurer’s requirements and the way they deal with claims.

Don’t forget the basics

Even when you have insurance from a good company, you still have to look after your bike – including using a sensible lock. No insurer will cover a bike if you don’t take care of it!

Bike Insurance

Tannus solid tyres

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We are now selling Tussus solid tyres. These tyres are made from a foamed material which gives a smooth ride – but they are literally puncture proof!

The pneumatic tyre is a great thing. Dunlop invented it 1887 for his son’s tricycle. Since then, it has been developed into a great product allowing tens of millions of people to ride in comfort and at speed. We sell lots of excellent pneumatic tyres – including many which are very puncture resistant.

However, fundamentally when you ride on a pneumatic tyre you are riding on a bag of air – air enclosed by a tyre or tube or a combination of the two. Sooner or later, there is always the possibility of the air getting out due to something sharp going in or you hitting a pothole and pinching the tube between the rim and the tyre. With a Tannus solid tyre this just cannot happen.

Which bikes for Tannus solid tyres?

Tannus tyres replace ordinary pneumatic tyres (technically clincher tyres) on most types of bike. They are held in place by special pins which have to be selected to match the wheel rim. They work on road bikes, hybrids and folding bikes. They can also be fitted to mountain bike size wheels (26inch) but as the are designed for riding on tarmac surfaces they are not suitable for off road use.

We have fitted a pair of tyres to a hybrid bike which can be test ridden on request.

Tannus solid tyres

Colourful options

We are only keeping in stock a limited range of black tyres to start with, but Tannus tyres are available in a variety of colours as well as the standard black. Because the entire tyre is made of the coloured material, the colour will not wear of off time. We can usually get specific colours within a few days.


How much?

Tannus Tyres vary in price but are around £50 – £60 each. Fitting (if you do not fit yourself) is extra. Each tyre has a 2 year or 5000 mile warranty.


Free Bike Safety Checks

November 12, 2016 — 1 Comment

We are currently offering free bike safety checks in store.

We will check your bike over and make minor adjustments for free – we will advise you whether further work is needed to make your bike safe or getting running better.

We will look at kids bikes and adult bikes – call 0208 670 9767 to book a slot.

Remember – your life depends on your bike being safe and not all problems are as obvious as this!

Bike safety checks


The New Raleigh Chopper is now in stock!

The Chopper is the iconic kids bike from the 1970s – but it has been updated to modern safety standards (no top tube mounted gear leaver to give you a nasty surprise!). It now features:

  • Shimano 6 speed Revoshift gears
  • Chopper ‘Ape’ hanger bars
  • Aluminium V-brakes
  • Aluminium/resin brake levers
  • Classic 16″ front, 20″ rear motorbike styled Chopper tyres
  • Aluminium rims
  • Cruiser style mudguards
  • Aluminium micro adjust seatpost
  • Gear protector
  • Aluminium kickstand

We will be running puncture repair classes on the evening of Wednesday 30th November at 6.30 and 7.30.

Fixing a puncture is not rocket science – but being caught at the side of the road with a flat tyre is not the time to start learning how it is done!

The class will to cover:

1) Preventative measures
2) Removing a wheel from a bike
3) Finding the puncture
4) Checking the tyre for damage and removing the offending object
5) Repairing a tube with a patch kit (with the caveat that this is best done at home and to keep a tube with you!)
6) Re-fitting the wheel and pumping up the tyre
People should bring their own bike so you can practice on the one you may need to fix in reality!

Free – but deposit needed

We will not be charging for the class, but we will take a £10 deposit that will be refunded when you come to the class. (We have to pay the teacher and want to make sure people turn up for their booked slot – we will also give a refund if you give us 48 hours notice you cannot make it). Please call 0208 670 9767 to book.
Puncture repair classes

More Brooks in stock

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We are pleased to have more Brooks in stock – saddles, bags, bar ends etc.

Brooks has been around for years – they have had a factory in Birmingham and have been in business since 1866 – even longer than our shop has been in the bike trade! Their leather saddles are sold around the world but still made in the UK. I have personally personally ridden many miles on a Brooks saddle including from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Under the Brooks brand, we also stock Cambium saddles. These are normally made of vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top, combined with a die-cast aluminium structure and tubular steel rails (C13 has a carbon structure). We offer a service in store where you can buy the Cambium demo saddle, try it out and either return it for an exchange with the non demo version, or have a refund. The Cambium does not have a break in period like it’s leather equivalents and it will put up with being left in the rain without a cover – again unlike the leather equivalents.

More than Saddles

Brooks now have a range of bags, grips, bar tape etc and we are pleased to keep some of these in stock – we can order in from the full range should you need something we do not have at the time. These are stylish products made to a good quality. Call in to take a look.

more Brooks

We’ve got special offers on many adult bikes with up to 50% taken off the price of some. We’ve added a few more deals on 4th October too!

Although the summer is now behind us, there is still plenty of good cycling left in 2016 and so now is a great time to bag a bargain. If you are looking for a hybrid, traditional Dutch bike, a road bike or a tourer, we have lots of nice bikes with some serious savings.

Brands with discounts include Gazelle, Dawes, Raleigh and more – we’ve even taken a bit of some our Kogas. We always try to offer good value for money – and with these special offer prices, you cannot go wrong.

Don’t forget when you buy from use we make sure the bike is set up properly for you and also offer a free 6 week safety check and service. We’re here seven days a week to provide back-up and have a fully equipped workshop with experienced technicians to look after your new bike.

Prices likely to rise later in the year

Unfortunately, with the devaluation of the pound, new stock bikes are likely to be more expensive in the coming months (10 – 15%) – so if you can get a discount on the old price, you will be doing even better!

Special offers on bikes

Lighting up times!

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Autumn can be a great time to ride your bike – but don’t forget with days getting shorter you can get caught out by an earlier lighting up times.

We stock lots of great lights to make sure you are seen out on the road and or seeing where you are going on unlit roads or trails.

Battery, USB or dynamo?

Battery lights were the most popular option until recently and are still a good choice for many. With modern LED lighting systems, they can have a significant run time so unlike old fashioned lights you will not spend a fortune on batteries – with the associated waste issue as well as the environmental impact. If you want to reduce the waste still further, you can often use rechargeable batteries.

Lighting up time

Quality battery light set

Battery lights are good for being seen and if you make a mistake and let the battery run out, they are reasonably easy to replace at convenience stores and other outlets all over London – even late in the evening.

Cateye USB lights

Cateye USB lights

USB lights come in many different forms ranging from modest ‘be seen’ lights to super bright ‘light up the neighbourhood’ versions. The USB light contains a battery which is re-charged via a standard USB cable.

Dynamo front light

Dynamo front light

Dynamo lights are great for regular cyclists who want to invest in quality lights to show you your way and be seen. A system will cost upwards of £175 with a dynamo hub.

Lighting up times

More and more cyclists are using lights for most of the day to make sure they are seen by drivers. In the United Kingdom, there is a legally enforced lightingup time, defined as from one half-hour after sunset to one half-hour before sunrise. If you want to see the sunset/sunrise times, use can find them here.

Cycle To Work Day

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14th September is Cycle to Work day – the day when people are encouraged to get on their way to work (and back again!).

For many people in London, every day is Cycle to Work day – but if you are not one of them and want to try riding in, you can pop into the shop for a free bike safety check on the 13th or 14th September.

Most people at Blue Door Bicycles are or have been cycle commuters, so we can give advice over riding in the area as well as checking out your bike.

We do, of course, also sell bikes and e-bikes under the cycle to work scheme if you either don’t currently have a bike or want to upgrade.

Better cycling facilities

Don’t forget that facilities for cycling have seen major upgrades over the last few years – especially in London. You can read more here. We know there is more to do – so make sure your councillors know people want something better!

Cycle To Work Day

One of the new cycle facilities in London

Bank Holiday Weekend

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We are open normal hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this Bank Holiday Weekend – but we will closed on Monday (we have to go out riding sometime!).