More Koga bikes on their way!

March 24, 2017 — 2 Comments

Koga is a great Dutch brand and we are delighted to have more Koga bikes coming into stock.

The Dutch love their bikes

Holland is famous for its love of bikes and Koga is one of the best Dutch brands. Koga hand makes bikes Heerenveen – every bike or e-bike is built by a single person who signs that the bike is ‘good to go’ when it is finished. Kogas are built by Koga, not simply bought with their badge on them!

Koga bike

Koga bike on beach in Holland


Koga make a full range of bikes – though space limits what we have on show. Some types of bike (eg off road bikes) will be available to order only.

We particularly like the trekking, touring and city bikes. When it comes to heavy duty kit, you cannot beat Koga. Mark Beaumont rode a Koga around the world for example. An interesting option for those wanting a super-robust option would be a Rohloff internal hub gear which is available on the Koga Signature range where the customer customises the bike to their needs. We have one demo in stock and are expecting another with belt drive in the next few weeks.



E-bikes (bikes with an electric motor to help you along) are increasingly popular on the continent. Koga make a large range and we particularly like their bikes with the battery discreetly built into the frame. We recently sold one to a long term customer and expect another in stock shortly.

Koga bikes e-tour

More Koga bikes coming into stock

We already have a number of Koga bikes in stock but we also have more en-route from Holland – give us a call if you want to see a specific model.



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2 responses to More Koga bikes on their way!

  1. For some of us oldie e-bikes are the future, you give no mention to this mode of cycling!

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