Cycle Lights

Blue Door Bicycles stocks many types of cycle lights, this page is intended to give you a quick guide to what we have.

All bikes ridden in the hours of darkness should have a front (white) light and a rear (red) light – it’s the law and common sense!


We sell a variety of light sets that will fit most bikes and use battery powered LEDs. If you are used to old fashioned halogen or similar battery lights, you will be surprised how long the batteries last on these lights – especially when you operate the lights in flashing mode.

Brands we stock mainly Cateye and Moon as they are reliable and good value.

Lighting up time


If you have a rack, you may be better with a rack mounted light. This fits behind any luggage that would obscure a seat-post mounted light.

Beware if you have a basket on the front of your bike as this may obscure a handlebar mounted light. You may have to fit something to the front forks or on the basket itself.

USB rechargeable lights

An increasing number of lights come as rechargeable units often using USBs.They are light and bright and are great for commuting or leisure use.


Cateye USB lights

Cateye USB lights

Dynamo lights

It is still possible to get dynamo lights which use a small generator either incorporated in the wheel or driven by the wheel to generate electricity to light the lamps. These have the advantage that they are cheap to run and you never end up with a flat battery, but it is always worth getting a proper hub dynamo system with quality lights with built in stand lights that stay on when you are stationary.


We can supply or build a suitable wheel for your bike – including Bromptons.

Brompton Dynamo hub

Back-ups and secondary lights


There are several secondary lights that add massively to your visibility. Cateye Orbits fit in the wheel and light up as the wheel rotates. They increase your visibility and look cool! (£19.99)



Another neat idea for a secondary light is the Trax Lumos which fits into the bar ends of drop-bar (road/touring) bikes. The light shines forward (white) and backward (red) and also has a flashing amber option (forward and backward) which can be used to indicate a change in direction!

Tacx Lumos

It is also useful to have a light on your helmet. Some helmets have them built in but you can retrofit a Topeak Headlux.


Rural riding

Sometimes you need a light to see where you are going as well as being seen. Higher end standard lights will be adequate on road in rural areas (though for safety, go for the best you can afford) but for off road you will need specialist lights.  A number of brands produce off road lights including British manufacturer Hope  and Cateye – call in to the shop to find what we have in stock or can order for you.

Brake lights

Motor vehicles have had brake lights for years – as the vehicle brakes, extra red lights come on at the rear. There are now dynamo lights and Cateye USB lights that get brighter or change from flashing to steady mode when your bike slows down – behaving very like a conventional brake light!

Bicycle 'brake light'


When riding at night, remember to wear something bright and/or reflective so that you are seen easily in the light of car, van, bus or lorry. A basic reflective vest costs in the order of £20 and can be useful as an additional to rather than an alternative to good lights. Proviz versions actually have lighting built in! Reflective ankle and arm bands and Sam Brown belts can also help make sure you are seen.

sam brown

One great option is the super reflective Proviz jacket which reflects back headlights with startling results!

Under normal light

Under normal light

Proviz under strong light

Proviz under strong light