Tannus solid tyres

November 26, 2016 — 2 Comments

We are now selling Tussus solid tyres. These tyres are made from a foamed material which gives a smooth ride – but they are literally puncture proof!

The pneumatic tyre is a great thing. Dunlop invented it 1887 for his son’s tricycle. Since then, it has been developed into a great product allowing tens of millions of people to ride in comfort and at speed. We sell lots of excellent pneumatic tyres – including many which are very puncture resistant.

However, fundamentally when you ride on a pneumatic tyre you are riding on a bag of air – air enclosed by a tyre or tube or a combination of the two. Sooner or later, there is always the possibility of the air getting out due to something sharp going in or you hitting a pothole and pinching the tube between the rim and the tyre. With a Tannus solid tyre this just cannot happen.

Which bikes for Tannus solid tyres?

Tannus tyres replace ordinary pneumatic tyres (technically clincher tyres) on most types of bike. They are held in place by special pins which have to be selected to match the wheel rim. They work on road bikes, hybrids and folding bikes. They can also be fitted to mountain bike size wheels (26inch) but as the are designed for riding on tarmac surfaces they are not suitable for off road use.

We have fitted a pair of tyres to a hybrid bike which can be test ridden on request.

Tannus solid tyres

Colourful options

We are only keeping in stock a limited range of black tyres to start with, but Tannus tyres are available in a variety of colours as well as the standard black. Because the entire tyre is made of the coloured material, the colour will not wear of off time. We can usually get specific colours within a few days.


How much?

Tannus Tyres vary in price but are around £50 – £60 each. Fitting (if you do not fit yourself) is extra. Each tyre has a 2 year or 5000 mile warranty.



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2 responses to Tannus solid tyres

  1. after taking them on 100 mile hike with a road race bike the following happend , it didnt freewheel downhill,absorbed pedal stroke power,obliged you to stay in low gears caused pain to legs and bum climbing hills, shocked crutch on pothole impact,felt like pedalling through 6 inches of mud and forced you to abandon trying to catch grannys 3 speed or the grandson on his bmx. back on airfilled tyres with tyre liners that break glass

    • Hi Paul, this doesn’t sound much fun! These tyres do not suit everyone – though usually it is because they are too harsh a ride rather than absorbing your power. Good luck with the new tyres.

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