Cycling Clubs & Societies

You can enjoy cycling alone – but you may still want to join a club, society or campaign or just join an organised ride.

Cycling Clubs & Societies

The oldest cycling club is the CTC (Cycling Touring Club) which has its roots in the 19th Century but is still going strong and claims to be Britain’s largest cyclist organisation. Apart from offering advice to members and organizing rides and events, it provides third party insurance as part of the membership package. You can find out more at

The London Cycle Campaign (LCC) also offers benefits to its members including 3rd party insurance. As implied by its name, it is focused on the lot of the London cyclist and seeks to move London to being a world class cycling city.You can find out more at You can click through the LCC website to find out about the local Lambeth Cyclists.

For those wanting to take part in cycling as a sport (road, BMX etc) , look at the British Cycling Website and go to the club finder section. This will point you towards suitable local clubs such as the Herne Hill Youth Cycling Club, Dulwich Paragon and Addiscombe Cycling Clubs.

If you are interested in getting into triathlon, we have an excellent local club – the Crystal Palace Triathletes. Find out more at their website.

Blue Door will be selling bicycles made for two! If you are interested in travelling as a pair you may be interested in the Tandem Club.

For leisure cyclists there is a great organisation in Pollards Hill, Norbury – check out the Pollards Hill Cyclists website.

There are other organisations you may be interested in.

The Youth Hostels Association has a network of hostels which are particularly welcoming to cyclists with generally excellent quality bike storage and a friendly welcome. Go to for more information.

The Camping and Caravan Club has a special section for lightweight campers (not a comment about personal weight!) – details at

There is Sustrans which seeks to enable more sustainable transport. It is not a club or campaign as such, but you should consider becoming a supporter – check out

When we open our shop we expect to be offering discounts for membership of some of the organisations listed above – please ask for details.

Women may be interested in the Breeze Network which is encouraging the participation of women in cycling. This is not really a club as such, but may be of interest to those wanting to get into cycling with like minded women.

Also not a club, but of interest to those who want to improve their mountain biking skills, the Singletrack School in the North Downs offers training for beginners through to advanced riders. They can be contacted via their website.

If you are running a relevant club in South London and would like a mention here – please drop me a note.