Cycling in London

Cycling in London is a bit different to cycling elsewhere in the UK. The good news is that cyclists are much more the norm in London than in many other cities and it is getting more popular every year.

Road traffic in London can be very heavy – to some it can be scarily heavy. However, there are plenty of quiet roads and there are a growing number of full blown cycle lanes on main roads. You may be wise to seek some form of cycle training if you are unsure of yourself – though be assured there are thousands of cyclists out and about every day on London’s streets and with common sense, it is pretty safe.

Transport for London offers resources for cycling in London – it is worth checking out their website – you will find a route planner and information about the cycle hire scheme “Boris’s Bikes” or the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme.

You may also be interested in the London Cycling Campaign that can offer members free third party insurance and campaigns for improved facilities for cyclists generally.

London is a wonderfully diverse place – and this diversity extends to the cycling communities. You will see high speed lycra clad cyclists – and slow speed, leisurely people dressed in everyday clothes – you please yourself which one you want to be or pick a place somewhere in between. A personal plea – whichever you choose to be, respect other road users whether or not they are on a bicycle!

Don’t forget that to take care of your bike – London has its fair share of thieves so it is worth thinking about security.