Keeping you on the roadMaintenance

Bikes are simple machines – but they benefit from some TLC*  from time to time.

We offer a full workshop facility at our  shop – but there is much that you can do yourself – and you won’t need to go to a mechanics course to do this!

We occasionally run evening sessions teaching the basics of bike maintenance.  We will normally advertised these on this website and also on Facebook and Twitter.

Useful websites

Apart from checking out Youtube, there are also a number of websites that give details of how to do DIY maintenance as set out below:

Lubing and cleaning,  fixing punctures and replacing bar tape are just three of the topics covered in podcasts on the Weldtite site. Weldtite produce a range of tools and lubricants made in the UK – we are equipping our workshop with their Cyclo professional tools.

Brakes and bottom brackets are covered in tutorials at the Cycle Systems site.

American site “Bicycle Tutor” also has a large number of topics covered.

There are other sites out there – and of course there are some great books too – but don’t forget that your life may depend on getting things right (you need to know you will stop when you pull the brake lever), if you are in doubt, take the bike to a proper workshop like ours.

*TLC = tender loving care – not a high tech maintenance product