Potholing for Cyclists

potholing for cyclists

If you clicked expecting something about caving – skip to the next paragraph! For most cyclists, their interest in potholes doesn’t go much further than a few inches below what should have been a nice tarmac surface on the road. Potholes can be a serious hazard as either riding into or around the hole can lead to an accident. If you find a hole you can take the matter up directly with the local authority or other organisation responsible for fixing it – alternatively, you can contact “Fill that hole” and get it reported by them. You may be interested to look at their league table of performance in respect of filling in holes – well done Chester and West Cheshire, Luton and Redbridge with 100% success at the time of writing this – not so well done…. (look for yourself).

Now if you were looking for “proper potholing” go to the “Try caving” site…